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RJ9 Modified Splitter for Training with Receive Only on One Side

Price: $13.00


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RJ9 Modified Splitter for Training with Receive Only on One Side NT1302-900-SPEC

This splitter allows you to have 2 wireless headsets, two corded headsets, two handsets or any combination of headsets and handsets plugged into 1 office telephone for training

  • Train your agents while you both wear telephone headsets!
  • Trainer can listen and be heard, while the the agent being trained hears both sides of the call and is always muted (no transmit on agent side)
  • Trainer and trainee are both free to roam if both are wireless!
  • Works great for conference calls too
  • 4-wire modular RJ9 end plugs into receiver port or headset port of telephone
  • Opposite end has two 4-wire ports where you connect 2 headset charging bases for wireless, 2 amplifiers for corded headsets, 2 handsets or any combination of headets and handsets
  • Agent being trained plugs into the port marked with sticker "RO" (for receive only) and trainer plugs into the other remaining port
  • The volume level remains consistant
  • Approximately 4 inches long
  • An inexpensive way to train
  • Found nowhere else - a BTP exclusive designed for our customers as a result of popular demand
  • Splitter is RoHS compliant


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